Scott Christie

Reception Thurs May 1
6 - 9pm

April 30 to May 11

Gallery 1313
1313 Queen Street West
M6K 1L8

Scott Christie’s ‘Terminus’ examines the nature of decay of order and, structure. The concept for this exhibition is to show the life cycle of abandoned architecture, from the beginning stages to the end stages. A structure is built, it is occupied, and it is then abandoned, it is a human creation that is eventually left, put back into the landscape of the earth. Christie’s photographs focus on the terminal phase of the construction lifecycle, where the rubble and debris of Toronto’s history find their final resting place. Caught between a rugged natural landscape and the driving waves of Lake Ontario, the images offer a sense of calm, reflection and gratitude amidst the chaos and fragmentation of the past.

Scott Christie’s debuted last year during Contact: Field of Vision, 2013. He participated in Three Lenses at Mark Christopher Gallery, Toronto. Christie is a Toronto based photographer whose work revolves around the concepts of time, space and light and their interdependence through photography. Further to the physical aspects of the medium, and subjects captured in his images, is the desire to evoke a sense of stillness, meditation, and reflection on the commonplace as a means to discovery of the rare within.